FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Who is invited to the CODIAC conference and why?

As organisers of CODIAC, we have limited resources available. One of our priorities are to ensure that it is cheap to participate in the conference.

Unfortunately, this choice limits the capacity of the conference facilities we have available and the number of participants we can accommodate. We acknowledge this as a trade-off.

The CODIAC conference on 26-27 October 2021 is therefore by invitation only. We invite 100 participants, including people with diabetes, health professionals, and researchers. By this, we seek to represent a range of perspectives and people.

We hope that the CODIAC conference is the first of more to come and that future conferences will include more participants.

Who can I contact if I have questions about CODIAC?

For questions about CODIAC please contact the chair of the Scientific Organizing Committee, Bjarne Bruun Jensen, by e-mail: bjarne.bruun.jensen@regionh.dk 

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