The SoL project receives the Public Health Award

On behalf of the parties in the research project,  SoL - Health and communities, senior researcher Paul Bloch has been awarded the Public Health Prize 2016.

The research project, SoL has been awarded the Public Health Prize 2016 at the annual conference, Public Health Days 2016 in September. On their website the Danish Society for Public Health wrote that the project is an example of how the research institutions and municipalities in collaboration have succeeded in promoting health in the local community.

Recognition of the long-term effort
The team behind the project SoL is proud to receive Public Health Award which is a recognition of a long-term effort to promote public health in the community. The award emphasizes the broad and positive publicity the project and its values and principles, such as the supersetting approach has got (see fact box).

Several new initiatives based on the project SoL and the supersetting approach are underway or are being planned, including:

  1. A National Network for Health and Local communities were established in the Sundby Network in Copenhagen in March 2016. This network will ensure broad dissemination and exchange of experience between the Danish institutions and organizations in the public sector, private sector, civil society and research on health promotion initiatives in the community.
  2. A new network and partnership based on the SoL project with several Danish municipalities and research institutions are in preparation.
  3. Within the framework of Cities Changing Diabetes (CCD) in Copenhagen an initiative is underway that will use the supersetting approach to mobilizing citizens and local stakeholders in socially disadvantaged areas.
  4. Other initiatives in the CCD framework are currently being developed. These initiatives will be in dialogue with the corresponding Danish initiatives to ensure the broad experience and learning.

About project SoL - Health and Local communities
Project SoL was carried out in 2012-2015 in three communities on Bornholm and one in Odsherred in North Zealand. They achieved great results with changes in life style by a coordinated effort in kindergartens, schools and supermarkets.

The SoL project was based on the supersetting approach where citizens of the community, shop assistants, teachers, kindergarten teachers, mass media and other stakeholders cooperated across professional background and interests.

The project has been a pioneer within working with public health and it is today a model to other projects that work with health promotion in communities.

The partners in the project were: Aalborg University Research Centre for Prevention and Health and Steno Diabetes Center and the Regional Municipality of Bornholm and Odsherred Municipality.

About Public Health Award
Public Health Award was established by the Danish Society of Public Health and is awarded annually to a person, a project, an institution or a municipality for an inventive and interesting contribution.