Merger creates the Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

​The Steno Diabetes Center was established in 1991 after a merger between Niels Steensens Hospital and Hvidøre Hospital. Hvidøre Hospital was established a few years after Niels Steensens Hospital by Novo A/S.

The two hospitals were merged 2 years after the merger of Nordisk Insulin Laboratorium and Novo to create Novo Nordisk
A/S. The merger of the two hospitals took place at Niels Steensens Hospital, which was both converted and extended with a research laboratory and clinics. During the conversion, the number of beds was reduced. Today, treatment takes place at the Steno Diabetes Center only on an outpatient basis at Stenos Daghospital og outpatient clinic.

Steno Education

Steno's historical starting point is as a research hospital at which treatment and research go hand in hand and continually improve diabetes treatment to the benefit of the patients. In 1991, this starting point was extended with Steno Education. The purpose of the this department is to establish the knowledge generated at Steno in practice. This takes place both nationally and internationally via courses and education programmes.

Health Promotion

In 2010, the humanistically oriented research department, Health Promotion Research, working on the prevention of diabetes and patient education. The idea is to develop knowledge about new approaches to health education that can be used both in the clinic and in broad-based prevention work in schools, workplaces and local communities.

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