Health Promotion Research

​Health Promotion Research is a humanistic research and development unit focusing on Diabetes Management and Diabetes Prevention. 

The aim is to establish cross-disciplinary cooperation with partners at Steno as well as with external institutions in Denmark and abroad. The focus is on research with the potential to promote health in real life settings and practices.

Research in Health Promotion is based on five principles for social and human change that permeate all research projects and ensure a clear direction for the methods and knowledge developed:

  1. Active involvement and participation of the target group as a basis for development of ownership and sustainable health promoting change
  2. A positive and broad concept of health, which focuses on the person as a whole instead of just risk factors and the disease
  3. Development of people’s competence to take action to control their own life as well as their living conditions
  4. Acknowledging the context in which people live and to include this in the intervention carried out
  5. Increasing equity in health by paying attention also to the least resourceful members of the community

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