Steno Clinic

Steno is one of few centers globally that focus on diabetes only and have research, education and health promotion closely connected to the clinical care of patients.

SDCC Clinic has a unique position in Denmark offering

  • All-in-one service through multidisciplinary team-based care
  • Specialized clinics to personalize treatment and prevent complications
  • Day hospital with a focus on the newly diagnosed and patients in need of extra support
  • Foodlab - a nutritional laboratory and hands on training facility for patients
  • Online service through a 24h nurse counselling telephone service

The patient base of around 9000 patients is from the Capital Region of Denmark. The center serves as an integrated part of the public health care system and is under contract with the Capital Region. The clinical staff of 120 in the center includes doctors, nurses, dieticians, patient coordinators, podiatrists and lab technicians.

All-in-one service

Steno offers multidisciplinary team-based care through the different specialists that work in the clinic. The patient can in one visit to Steno receive medical consultation, screening for complications, diabetes education and dietary advice. 

Specialized clinics

Steno has five specialized clinics targeting special needs of people with diabetes:

  • Insulin pump clinic –more than 800 type 1 diabetes patients are on insulin pump treatment which makes it one of the largest clinics in Northern Europe. 
  • Pregnancy clinic – supporting type 1 patients throughout the pregnancy
  • Adolescence clinic – targeting the needs of young people with type 1 diabetes
  • Eye clinic – delivering screening and prevention of eye complications in close collaboration with Glostrup Hospital and Region Hovedstaden
  • Foot clinic – delivering prevention and treatment of foot complications in close collaboration with Bispebjerg Hospital

Steno carry out a number of large long-term industry sponsored clinical trials but also investigator driven projects.


Foodlab is in its early phase and will be a place for hands-on training for patients including courses in carbon hydrate counting. It will also be a place for research and development in a real-life setting on nutritional interventions among people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

24h telephone consultation

Steno has a 24h/7 day specialist nurse telephone consultation. 

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