A new SDCC diabetes center

The site of the new center is adjacent to Herlev Hospital. Construction began in 2018 and is expected to be completed in 2021.

The vision for the new center

 The new diabetes center will support the vision of Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC), which is Northern Europe's largest and most advanced diabetes center offering world-class patient treatment.

A building that breaks with the traditional concept of institution, the centre has been designed as a place that encourages learning, play and well-being, and in this context redefines the concept of waiting time; a building that blurs the boundaries between patient and treatment to provide treatment options that promote and meet the patient’s need for social interaction.

The new centre places a strong emphasis on:

  1. A visible reception area
    SDCC will have its own entrance, which will be accessible to all.

  2. A division of the building into four areas:
    a) communal area, b) treatment area, (c) research area and (d) staff area.

  3. Direct access to Herlev Hospital
    The center features an indoor connection between the SDCC and Block 4, the acute care building at Herlev Hospital, which can be used by staff and for transport.

  4. Outdoor areas for patients and staff
    The center will provide access to neighbouring outdoor areas. These areas will feature pleasant secluded areas which can be used as recreational areas and as waiting areas. These areas will provide a space in which to play, exercise and where families with children can eat.


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