About Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

​For more than 85 years Steno Diabetes Center has been run as a hospital, specialised in patient care, research, and prevention of diabetes, and in education of healthcare professionals within diabetes. 

Steno was in that period owned by Novo Nordisk A/ S, but was on 1 January, 2017 transferred to the Capital Region to become part of a new visionary centre, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC).

The ambition of SDCC is to improve the entire field within diabetes in the Capital Region, but also to contribute with inspiration and new knowledge nationally and internationally. This will be done by providing the best treatment and prevention for all people with diabetes in the region.

Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen is largest diabetes clinic in Scandinavia and treat each year more than 9,000 people with diabetes from the Capital Region.

SDCC has been etablished by a donation of 2.95 billion from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, in addition to the many joint activities in the region, this donation also makes it possible to build a new diabetes centre, where more than 13,000 people with diabetes can be treated. This center will be built next to the Herlev Hospital. Until the new center is finished in 2020 SDCC will be located in Gentofte.

SDCC is headed by CEO  Allan Flyvbjerg and the organizational structure of SDCC generally consists of four core activities  and a staff function.


The center was established as Steno Memorial Hospital by Hans Christian Hagedorn in 1932. His vision was to improve the treatment of diabetes and research in the disease.

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