Map and parking facilities

NSA Building (Entrance D)

Metabolomics Laboratory
Translational Type 2 Diabetes Research

NSH Building (Entrance A)

Clinical Research trials

NSK Building

Clinical Research ( Complications research, Clinical Epidemiogy Research)
Health Promotion Research (Diabetes Prevention Research, Diabetes Management Research)

NSO - Domus Hagedorn

Meeting rooms

NSE Building

Clinical research (Systems Medicine, Translational Type 1 Diabetes Research, Diabetes Technology Research).

Parking facilities

  • Parking spaces are situated in front of the entrance to the clinic, on Niels Steensens Vej, on Ved Stadion and at building NSK. It is also possible to park in the car park opposite Gentofte Hallen gymnasium, with access from Ved Stadion. Parking is free-of-charge and there is no time limit on your stay.
  • Disability parking: There are three disabled parking spaces situated in front of the clinic.
  • There is a covered cycle shelter next to the entrance to the clinic.

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