SDCC strategy 2022-2032

Our ambition with this strategy is to forge a clear common direction for everything we do at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC), and for everyone who works here. We must all work towards the same goal. Therefore, our ambition is for the strategy to stimulate enthusiasm and interest to be part of SDCC. 

The strategy points towards 2032, when SDCC can celebrate its centenary. This is because we know that making a real difference entails a long hard struggle. SDCC already provides first-class diabetes treatment. But we believe that we can do even more for people with diabetes or people who are at risk of developing diabetes.

The strategy identifies our overall priorities and objectives. These will be converted into specific action throughout the strategy period, so that we can approach our vision. We will supplement the strategy with specific, cross-sectoral action plans with shorter time horizons, and underway we will put particular focus on the various elements in the strategy. The strategy will also set the direction for everyday work at SDCC. New ideas and activities will be tested by questioning: Do they support the strategy?


More good years with diabetes - fewer people with diabetes

​We will help give more good years to everyone with diabetes and ensure that fewer people get diabetes. That is our common vision. Our common pledge. Our common obligation.​

Priorities towards 2032

The most important joint efforts:

1. The individual first


  • We will enhance opportunities to manage a life with diabetes

  • We will strengthen user involvement in the development of SDCC

  • We will make families and close relations active partners

2. Knowledge for better practice


  • We will generate knowledge and strengthen dissemination and implementation of knowledge into better practice

  • We will strengthen our international cooperation

  • We will generate knowledge that improves guidelines – nationally and internationally​

3. iDiabetes - intelligent use of data and technology


  • We will test, evaluate and use the latest technology

  • We will turn people with diabetes into partners in digital development

  • We must improve SDCC by the use of data

  • We will establish data cooperation in the healthcare system

  • We will improve our digital skills

4. Targeted prevention of diabetes and late complications


  • We will strive to find a cure for type 1-diabetes

  • We will help to halt the growth in type 2-diabetes

  • We will prevent late complications

  • We will focus on individualised interventions for people at the greatest risk

  • We will strengthen competences and capacity for health promotion​


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