Employment in the Capital Region of Denmark

​When hired by the Capital Region of Denmark, you will receive a letter of appointment describing the terms and conditions of your employment.

Letter of appointment​​

When you have been appointed to a job at one of the workplaces in the region, you will receive a letter of appointment, which you are to sign if you can affirm the content. In the letter information, the following will appear:

  • Place of employment
  • Commencement date of employment
  • Working hours
  • Pay details
  • Pension details
  • Other matters of relevance to your employment

Most employees are appointed on ordinary terms and conditions with a 37-hour contract and the rights and duties stated in the agreement between the employers’ and the employees’ organisations. Among other things, this implies a three-month probation period during which you and your workplace will find out if you are in fact a good match. During this period your employer will have a two-week notice requirement while your own notice requirement will be just one day. After the probation period the notice will depend on the length of your employment in the region.

Holiday entitlements​

Under ordinary employment terms and conditions you are entitled to six weeks of holiday per year. You will accrue holiday pay through your employment in the region. You should note that you will only have accrued enough holiday benefits for five of the weeks after having been employed by the region for a year. You may take an unpaid holiday sooner, but you must naturally make arrangements about it with your employer.​

Additional employment​

You should note that in many places in the region you will be informed in your letter of appointment that you are not permitted to have additional employment in your home country while employed by the Capital Region of Denmark. Such employment may incur substantial contributions to the social and health care services of your home country on your employer.


During and after your employment with the Capital Region of Denmark you are under a duty of silence. This implies that your are not permitted to pass on information considered to be confidential.

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