A good working environment

​Nurse and safety representative Louise Gammeltoft, Bispebjerg Hospital.

Why did you choose to work at Bispebjerg Hospital? ​

By accident. I wanted to work in a department of surgical gastroenterology. I like surgical nursing a lot. Department K Admissions, which is where I work, offers primary nursing.

Bispebjerg Hospital does an incredible lot for our working environment. We have a stress policy and a communication policy, which implies that we always have a good atmosphere. We are given classes in communication to learn how to speak properly and better to and with patients and colleagues.

Why did you become a nurse?​​

I really like the contact with the patients. Helping prevent, motivate and make them well and better. Initially, I had a spare-time job at an old people’s home. This was where I developed an interest in nursing other people.

What is the best thing about your job?​​

That is when I receive some form of acknowledgment from the patients, when they give me recognition for having done something well, for having made a difference. People are extremely grateful.

Translated by: mag. art. Katrine Dalsgård, ph. D., Social-Medicinsk Tolkeservice A/S​

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