Independent responsibility and part of the team

​Monika Detlefsen, a German nurse at Herlev Hospital.

Why did you choose exactly this job and this specialty? ​​

Because I love my job and I always look for new challenges. In Germany I have only worked in a surgical intensive unit. Now I work in a medical department, which is virtually a new area for me.

What aspects would you point out as favourable at your hospital and department if you were to tell about it to a new colleague?​

I started out with eight German colleagues here at Herlev, and we were well received. In my department I had a 12-week introductory period. All my colleagues were and are very patient with me, for instance when I cannot find the correct Danish word or expression (particularly after a night shift).

I find it very positive that I may chip in with my experiences from Germany. I have much more responsibility and I feel more like a ”team member” than I did in Germany.

Translated by: mag. art. Katrine Dalsgård, ph. D., Social-Medicinsk Tolkeservice A/S

Responsible editor