I always have a plan A, B and C

I always prepare a plan A, B and C so that no matter what happens, we can do what is necessary for the patients, says nurse anaesthetist, Nina.

​When my work really feels valuable

When a patient is sick or in a critical state, the team on call is rounded up. We might not know each other beforehand, but we know our professional roles – and when everything runs smoothly - it feels great! In our daily routines we place great value on creating a bond and relationship with the patient before anesthesia, where there is more time to hold the patients hand and listen to their stories.  

Taking care of patients while their asleep

I think that we are very good at meeting the patients' needs for information and care, whilst simultaneously being productive and goal oriented in our professional actions. Every single patient needs a customized anaesthesia and to feel comfortable and treated well. I like to begin and end the anaesthesia myself, so that I can look the patient in the eyes again after the procedure is over, as I often am the last person they see before they fall asleep, and I promise to take good care of them while they sleep.

Something many colleagues don't know about me

Prior to my education as a nurse, I could have chosen to become a professional dancer. Now I only dance in my spare time, but I still collect very beautiful and colourful stilettos. My collection currently consists of 19 pairs, whereof most of them are bought in Argentina.

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