Important to create trustful relationships

It’s great that I learn something new every day, from all the people that I work with, says Adam, resident

​When my job really feels valuable

I am lucky to work within a profession where I have direct contact to other people.  The reaction after having completed a task successfully is often rewarded with simply a smile or a heartfelt comment by a patient or colleague. When you feel like everything is chaos, a smile or comment like that can save your day, and I'm thankful that it often happens in my department. 

Challenged professionally on a daily basis

No days are alike and therefore I face situations where I'm challenged professionally every day, nevertheless, you need to remind yourself that we in the hospital not only treat diseases, but humans as a whole beings. Many patients are nervous or anxious when they step into a hospital and it is therefore important to create a trustful relationship so the patient feels comfortable. And that's often all it takes. I feel privileged to be able to help people when I'm at work.

Something many colleagues don't know about me

I am a huge nerd especially when it comes to music. My taste in music is a longstanding joke within my group of friends and every time we listen to some weird music, they're sure I'm behind it. I will admit that it's not far from the truth, as I often wind up far out in different music genres. However, I keep grounded by listening to pioneers such as Dylan, Springsteen, Morrissey and the Rolling Stones.

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