Birgitte Brock appointed new head of research at SDCC

Birgitte Brock, Chief Physician at Aarhus University Hospital, is to join Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen as its new head of research 

The employment committee has unanimously agreed to appoint 53-year-old Birgitte Brock as the new head of research at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC).

"Birgitte Brock's extensive experience in translational and clinical research was one of the most important qualifications for us in the employment committee, but her impressive managerial competences, including a Master's in public governance, were also very attractive. Furthermore, she is experienced in regional cooperation and in teaching students, and she has an unyielding focus on expanding and developing a research culture that contributes to truly patient-centred diabetes treatment. Therefore, we are convinced that Birgitte Brock possesses the competences required to develop and reinforce the research environment at SDCC and our relationships with current and future collaboration partners," said Allan Flyvbjerg, CEO of SDCC. 

A long career in the interface between research and patient care 

Birgitte Brock comes from a position as a chief physician at the Department of Clinical Biochemistry at Aarhus University Hospital. Moreover, she is an associate professor at Aarhus University, both in basic research at the Department of Biomedicine and within the clinical sector at the Department of Clinical Medicine. Birgitte Brock has a PhD from Aarhus University and is a medical specialist in clinical pharmacology. 

Implementing the master plan for SDCC 

As the head of research, Birgitte Brock will be responsible for further development of the research environments at SDCC: "As the head of research at SDCC, my primary role is to support and facilitate the highly respected research produced at SDCC in collaboration with the Steno partner hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark, universities, municipalities and the general practice sector. Furthermore, I will be focusing on creating research synergies in Steno's future projects in the other four Danish regions. Another very important area for us is to contribute to integrating the knowledge created at SDCC into patient treatment to help people with diabetes both nationally and internationally. 

Throughout her career, Birgitte Brock has been involved in diabetes research. Early in her career, her main focus was on basic research into insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. Later, she became involved in clinical research, and she is currently researching neuropathy for people with type 1 diabetes. This area of research is entirely complementary with the visions for clinical research described in the master plan for SDCC.

Birgitte Brock will start as the head of research at SDCC on 1 July 2017.


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