Cities Changing Diabetes - one year after launch

​What factors are responsible for the increasing prevalence of diabetes in large cities? That is a central question to be analysed in the Cities Changing Diabetes Programme.

One year after launch of the global programme the three founding partners: Novo Nordisk, University College London and Steno Diabetes Center are taking stock.  Five cities, including Copenhagen have been enrolled and each is now in the process of analysing its own diabetes landscape.

“This project will increase awareness of the disease, and if we get it right, our cities will be a better place to live – for all of us,” says John Nolan, CEO and Head of Steno Diabetes Center in the one-year movie about Cities Changing Diabetes.

Later this year on 16-17 November, at  the inaugural Cities Changing Diabetes Summit in Copenhagen, the five study cities: Mexico City, Houston, Tianjin, Shanghai and Copenhagen will share their research findings, best practices and learnings.

About Cities Changing Diabetes

‘Cities Changing Diabetes’ was launched as a response to the dramatic rise in urban diabetes across the world. It is a first-of-its-kind partnership platform for cross-disciplinary, cross-sector collaboration, structured to understand the driving factors behind the rise of diabetes in urban areas and share and apply this knowledge to real-world solutions (Source:

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