PULSE project selected as promising practice example

The PULSE project developed in collaboration with Steno Diabetes Center has been nominated as promising practice example by EU for its ability to build a strong link between society and research.

The PULSE project and the exhibition ‘PULSE – Everyday Life Turned Upside Down’ which has been part of the programme at the Danish science museum Experimentarium since spring 2015 and co-created by Steno Diabetes Center has been nominated as a promising practice example by RRI, Responsible Research Innovation, in the EU. RRI is part of the European Research and Innovation programme HORIZON2020 and has been established to ensure that the conducted research is relevant to and involves the community. The project has been nominated because it is a good example of how effective research can be conducted in a fun and creative way and involve the users e.g. as a hybrid between science exhibition and life style interventions.

“The goal of the project is to promote a healthier life style among families with kids in a positive way where having an active life style is in fact a fun and uniting experience. Being chose as a promising practice example by EU is a huge pat on the back and we’re of course very pleased”, says senior researcher at Steno Diabetes Center, Peter Bentsen.        

The PULSE project is supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. 

Responsible editor