Peter Rossing receives the 2017 Knud Lundbæk Award

​Professor Peter Rossing, chief physician and head of research at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC) is this year's recipient of the Knud Lundbæk Award.

The award is named after the diabetes specialist and researcher, Knud Lundbæk, and is one of the most prestigious international awards within the field of diabetes.

Peter Rossing's research team are nationally and internationally renowned for their research on diabetes complications, particularly the development of diabetic kidney disease.  With his research, Professor Rossing has contributed to a better understanding of whom is at risk of developing late complications of diabetes, and he has identified a number of risk factors that can potentially be treated. The team has been involved in a number of clinical studies examining how best to detect and treat complications in the kidneys or heart. The team has also demonstrated how better treatment has increased the survival rate of diabetic kidney disease from 7 years to more than 20 years.

Professor Rossing has previously received a number of other awards for his research on diabetes complications. Most recently, in 2016, he received the prestigious international Camillo Golgi Award for his longstanding work on preventing and treating diabetes complications. Other awards include the Minkowski Prize, the Ruth Østerby Honorary Award and the Viswanathan Honorary Award. 

Professor Rossing has published more than 300 articles in international journals and has contributed to several international textbooks. Moreover, he is the Chairman of the Danish Adult Diabetes Registry, head of several international consortiums to develop better treatment and prevention of diabetic kidney disease, and he was formerly the President of the Danish Endocrine Society.

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