Steno Diabetes Center hosts the European Diabetic Nephropathy Study Group meeting 2015

Steno Diabetes Center recently hosted the 28th EDNSG meeting which is an annual event where researchers from all over the world come together to discuss the latest results within research in kidney disease.​

With more than with 140 participants from all over Europe, USA and Australia, 28 oral presentations and 10 posters covering basic and clinical research in diabetic kidney disease as well as invited lecturers, it was a very busy programme at this year’s EDNSG meeting hosted at Steno Diabetes Center.

“One of the highlights was the Ruth Østerby award which is a prestigious award for a special contribution within the research of diabetic kidney disease. This year it was given to dr. Robert Nelson for his work during the last 30 years with diabetic kidney disease in Pima Indians, a small population of Native Americans, where up to 70 % develop type 2 diabetes, and 40-50% are suffering from diabetic kidney disease”, says Professor Peter Rossing, Head of Diabetes Complications Research at Steno Diabetes Center and president of the EDNSG. He continues:

“Another highlight was a great lecture by Professor Eske Villerslev from Institute of Geo Genetics in Copenhagen who has also studied Native Americans as well as aboriginals. In an ongoing study he is looking for genes explaining type 2 diabetes and other diseases in this ancient population which is very interesting.”

Other lecturers were Professor Peter Nawroth from Heidelberg who discussed the importance of advanced glycation end products which can be a factor in the development or worsening of diabetes complications. And finally Professor Hans-Henrik Parving gave a talk about how the prognosis of diabetic kidney complications has improved after a more focused treatment of blood pressure and measuring of microalbuminuria, which is the most important predictor of renal and cardiovascular complications, has been established.

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