Steno becomes part of a new major diabetes center for the entire Capital Region

​The plans for a new major diabetes center for the entire Capital Region of Denmark have been approved. As a result, Steno Diabetes Center is transferred to the Capital Region in 2017 to become part of Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen.

The plans for establishing a new center of excellence for diabetes care, research and education across the entire Capital Region have just been approved. As a result, the ownership of Steno will be transferred from Novo Nordisk to the Capital Region where Steno will become part of the new center, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC). Until a new building is ready in 2020 the activities in SDCC will be primarily driven out of Steno’s current location in Gentofte.  

”The new center means much closer collaboration around diabetes care and research in the region. But for our patients at Steno, their care will continue as usual. We will continue to offer high quality treatment with the same team of nurses and doctors that our patients know. Only in 2020 will treatment move to Herlev instead of Gentofte”, says head of clinic at Steno, Henrik Ullits Andersen.

In 2020 SDCC will be able to treat 11-13.000 people with diabetes which is nearly twice as many patients compared to today. From the end of 2020 people using an insulin pump, new diagnosed type 1 patients, children and adolescents from the entire Capital Region including all patients with type 1 diabetes and all patients with type 2 with complications from the municipalities close to the hospitals in Herlev and Gentofte will be treated at SDCC.  

The ambition is that SDCC will improve the quality of care for the individual diabetes patient whether the patient is treated at SDCC, at their GP or at other hospitals in the region. The plans are based on the biggest donation in Danish history of nearly three billion DKK from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Steno Diabetes Center has been owned by Novo Nordisk since 1932.

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