Steno part of a new, visionary diabetes center for the whole region

Steno Diabetes Center will be part of a major, new center of excellence that is going to offer world-class diabetes care and be international leaders within clinical diabetes research, prevention and education. The plan is subject to final approval during spring 2016.

The ambition in the Capital Region’s new hospital plan is to create high-quality continuity of care. Now, the Capital Region and the Novo Nordisk Foundation has agreed on a joint vision to improve diabetes care in the region. Based on a grant of up to DKK 2.8 billion from the Novo Nordisk Foundation the plan is to establish a new, international center of excellence for diabetes care, research, prevention and education in diabetes offering patients across the whole region world-class care. During the next months a more detailed plan will be developed, and if the plan is approved by the regional council, Steno Diabetes Center will become part of the new center, which is expected to be fully operational in 2020. 

”We’re looking forward to being part of the new center. This model means that we’ll have even more collaboration between clinicians and researchers across the region which will benefit patients. At Steno, our individualised care model, multidisciplinary team approach, and the close cooperation between research and clinic has led to excellent results for our patients, and we are pleased to see that the new center will apply the same principles”, says CEO at Steno Diabetes Center, Professor John Nolan. 

Treating 11.000 patients by 2020

The new center, which is expected to be named Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen will be located in new buildings next to Herlev Hospital. If the final plans are approved, the ownership of Steno will pass from Novo Nordisk A/S to the Capital Region on 1 January 2017 where the work on organising and building the new center will begin. 

For now, patients at Steno will not experience any changes, and it is expected that the majority of the employees at Steno will transfer to the new center. When ready, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen will have the capacity to treat more than 11.000 people with diabetes.

During the next months, working groups will develop a more detailed plan which will be presented to the Regional Council in the Capital Region during spring 2016.

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