Steno partner in new EU research project on type 1 diabetes

​The metabolomics research group at Steno Diabetes Center is part of a new pan-European partnership to improve the understanding and prevention of type 1 diabetes.

Academia, medium-sized enterprises, large pharmaceutical companies and patient organizations have joined forces to form a public private partnership to significantly improve the understanding of type 1 diabetes and work towards better therapies for preventing and curing the disease. The metabolomics research team at Steno Diabetes Center is among the 33 partners in the INNODIA consortium and is co-leading one of the five work packages – ‘Biomarker analysis and validation core’. 

“The INNODIA consortium is aiming to advance in a decisive way how to predict, stage, evaluate and prevent the onset and progression of type 1 diabetes. This will be achieved by creating novel tools, such as biomarkers, disease models and clinical trial paradigms”, says Professor and Principal Investigator in the metobolomics research group at Steno Diabetes Center Matej Orešič.

The project will build an innovative EU infrastructure for the recruitment, detailed clinical phenotyping and bio-sampling of a large cohort of newly diagnosed patients with type 1 diabetes and at risk family members. This will generate an unrivalled bioresource of type 1 diabetes discovery science.  

INNODIA which has just been kicked off in Frankfurt received 36 million Euros. The funders are:
- The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) under EU
- A number of pharmaceutical companies that are members of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), including Novo Nordisk A/S
- The “Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF)” 
- The “The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust”. 

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