Steno-professor awarded for complications research

​Professor at Steno Diabetes Center, Peter Rossing, receives the Lassen award for his research within diabetes complications.  

Chief physician and professor at Steno Diabetes Center, Peter Rossing is awarded with the Niels A. Lassen prize. The award which was established in 1999 is given based on Peter Rossings research within early detection, prevention and treatment of serious kidney and cardiovascular complications. 

”His research has contributed to improved prognosis of diabetic kidney disease and a trebling of the life expectancy using modern blood pressure treatment. It is an important contribution to research and we’re happy to be able to award Peter Rossing with the prize”, says professor Hans-Henrik Parving, chairman of the board in the Niels A. Lassen Foundation. 

Since 2007, Peter Rossing has been chief physician and primary investigator at Steno Diabetes Center. He works as adjunct professor at the universities of Aarhus and Copenhagen. He graduated with experience from a number of hospitals in Copenhagen and was appointed specialist doctor in endocrinology in 2004. Today, he is the president of the Danish Endocrine Society and for the Quality Database in the Danish regions.  

About the Niels A. Lassen Award:

  • The prize is awarded by the Niels A. Lassen Foundation which was established in 1999 in memory of professor and chief physician Niels A. Lassen (1926-1997) – one of the most important brain and circulation researchers of the 20th century.
  • Niels A. Lassen was affiliated with Bispebjerg Hospital and the prize is awarded on the hospital’s research day 7 December which is also the birthday of Niels Lassen.
  • The prize includes an amount of 25.000 DKK.    

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