The defence of doctoral dissertation by Bernt Johan von Scholten

​​Bernt Johan von Scholten from the Complication Research has defended his doctoral dissertation.


 The dissertation is entitled:: ”Cardiovascular risk stratification and renal effects of weight loss and GLP-1 receptor agonism in type 2 diabetes”

Conclusions from his dissertations:

  • CVD risk prediction can be improved by combining biomarkers with a cardiac CT.
  • Impaired coronary flow reserve is frequent in patients with type 2 diabetes and albuminuria.
  • Liraglutide treatment was associated with reduction in albuminuria, blood pressure, kidney function and inflammatory markers.
  • Minor to moderate treatment-induced weight reduction was not associated with changes in creatinine, hence estimation of kidney function by creatinine-based equations can be used.
  • Large weight reductions however can affect creatinine levels, warranting caution in the estimation of kidney function.
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