Tina Vilsbøll to be new head of the clinic at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

The current head of the Centre For Diabetes Research at Herlev Gentofte Hospital, Tina Vilsbøll, is to take over as head of the clinic at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen.

A unanimous employment committee has agreed to appoint 48-year-old Tina Vilsbøll as the new head of the clinic at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC).

“The employment committee highlighted Tina Vilsbøll’s extensive experience within diabetes treatment and clinical research, where she has achieved national and international renown for her work to develop new diabetes medicines to treat type 2 diabetes. We’ve also noted her years of management experience in establishing and developing the Center for Diabetes Research at Herlev Gentofte Hospital, and her vast experience within clinical work, training and guidance for students and health care professionals. In our opinion, Tina Vilsbøll has the competences required to be able to contribute to the improvements in diabetes treatment SDCC is to be part of throughout the Capital Region of Denmark,” said Allan Flyvbjerg, CEO at SDCC.

Long career in diabetes research and management

Tina Vilsbøll is a professor in endocrinology at the University of Copenhagen and she has a doctorate from the university. She is a medical specialist in both clinical pharmacology and endocrinology. She has published almost 200 scientific articles and over the past decade she has held more than 330 scientific lectures at international diabetes conferences and symposia. 

Realising the master plan for SDCC

Like many others in the Capital Region of Denmark, Tina Vilsbøll has helped design the vision for SDCC, and as a head of department, with Head Nurse Kirsten Engelhard Nielsen she will be responsible for developing SDCC’s high ambitions for the clinical field:

“As a head of department at SDCC, one of my first goals will be to help establish better cooperation between the many good diabetes environments in the region, and I want to work to establish an even better framework to help improve the quality of diabetes treatment in the region.”

She also mentioned other areas in which she hopes to work to realise the vision, including cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral cooperation at high level, which is a vital element in achieving good and cohesive patient pathways, and no least introduction of the health platform at SDCC in May this year.

Tina Vilsbøll will start in her new position on 1 April 2017.

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