University of Copenhagen and Steno marks collaboration

​In the future Steno Diabetes Center and the University of Copenhagen will have an even closer collaboration to improve the lives of people with diabetes. Steno hosted a joint seminar to mark the collaboration.

Personalised medicine tailored to the specific profile of the individual patient is today one of the most exciting topics within diabetes research. By providing the right treatment tailored to the individual, the person with diabetes will get a better effect of the medication with a lower risk of adverse effects. That has been a major topic in the diabetes research conducted at the University of Copenhagen but also at Steno Diabetes Center and has led to a number of joint projects. Now it has been agreed to collaborate much more closely through formal academic affiliations,  a development that was marked with a seminar on “Pioneering Personalised Medicine”      

“With a sizeable clinic treating more than 5.600 persons with diabetes every year, Steno has a strong profile within clinical diabetes research while the University of Copenhagen is leading in many fields of basic research.  We have a joint ambition to find solutions within personalised medicine and we look forward to an even closer co-operation in the coming years - not least as a part of the new Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen", says CEO at Steno Diabetes Center, Professor John Nolan.  In the summer of 2015 he was appointed to a five-year professorship in Human Metabolism at the University of Copenhagen.

The seminar "Pioneering Personalised Medicine" included lectures from Steno and KU researchers about how bioinformatics and 'big data' can help predict complications of diabetes, but there were also presentations in the field of epigenetics and genomics, and on the close link between research and the clinic at Steno.

In 2017 Steno Diabetes Center will transfer to the Capital Region and become part of a new, visionary diabetes center for the whole region, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen.

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