Research at SDCC

Our research ambition is to become a leader in translational diabetes research focusing on the early stages of the disease and prevention. The research area is divided into clinical research and health promotion research.

Biomedical Research 

The vision for Clinical Research is to carry out world class research for the benefit of all people with diabetes and people at high risk of developing the disease. Clinical Research is headed led by Birgitte Brock and consists of 5 research groups.

The Biomedical Research is organized in these groups:

  • Diabetes Complications - headed by Peter Rossing
  • Clinical Epidemiology - headed by Marit Eika Jørgensen
  • Systems Medicine - headed by Cristina Legido-Quigley
  • Type 1 Diabetes Biology - headed by Flemming Pociot
  • Clinical Metabolic - headed by Filip Krag Knop    

Health Promotion Research

Health promotion research aims to establish interdisciplinary cooperation with partners at the SDCC and with external institutions in Denmark and abroad. There is a focus on research that promotes health in the real world and in individual practices. Health promotion is led by Bjarne Bruun Jensen and consists of two research groups:

  • Diabetes Management Research - headed by Ingrid Willaing
  • Diabetes Prevention Research - headed by Paul Bloch


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