Clinical trials

​Choosing SDCC as a partner in clinical research means gaining a partner with more than 80 years of experience carrying out high-quality diabetes research. This will ensure you a professional project process with professional sparring and a minimum of errors and deviations.

Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen is one of the few centers in the world that focuses exclusively on diabetes. This gives us a high level of knowledge and a high professional standard that will also benefit our research partners.

The overall objective of the research is to develop and improve the treatment of diabetes, so people with diabetes can live a normal life of high quality. We would like to contribute to modern medicine and methods, including diabetes technology, finding its effective place in the treatment of diabetes.

Clinical trials of a high professional standard are conducted in cooperation with research departments on and off the Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen and the pharmaceutical industry.

Tasks that are offered

  • Planning of research projects
  • Examination of participants in research projects
  • High-quality completion of projects
  • Good documentation

We have completed projects in areas such as:

  • Element Factors that influence the development of diabetes
  • Hypoglycemia
  • A new method for the treatment of foot ulcers
  • Autonomic neuropathy with cardiac effects
  • New drugs
  • Insulin pump therapy

Compliance with rules and authority review of clinical studies

The clinical trials are conducted in accordance with

  • the Declaration of Helsinki, 
  • the international ICH-GCP guidelines
  • and Danish legislation. 

All studies must be reported to the relevant authorities, for example, The National Committee on Health Research Ethics, Danish Health & Medicines Authority and the Danish Data Protection Agency.


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