Steno-Clinical-REsearch-ENtrance (SCREEN)

SDCC has developed a framework to facilitate life science collaboration with an emphasis on professional and agile processes. This means that we have a one-point-of-entry for all clinical research collaborations, providing an easy and fast way to contact us.

The committee for SCREEN will receive and answer all new queries for collaboration and review them for the following criteria:

  • That the research is relevant to the strategy at SDCC with an emphasis on world-class patient-centered diabetes care.
  • That the available resources and patient population match the research objectives and enrollment criteria.
  • That there is synergy between clinical research at SDCC.

It is no longer possible to initiate external collaborations with individual researchers outside of SCREEN. All clinical trials initiated and conducted at SDCC need to go through the SCREEN process.

If your participants need to sign an informed consent, then it’s likely that your project needs to be approved by SCREEN. If in doubt, contact Michelle Ellefson, Head of Research & Innovation at SDCC.

Applicants will be notified within 7 business days of the SCREEN SC decision.

SCREEN Steering Committee Members

Birgitte Brock, head of Research, chairman
Peter Rossing, head of Complications Research
Tina Vilsbøll, head of Clinic
Filip Krag Knop, head of Clinical Metabolic Physiology Research
Ingrid Willaing, head of Clinical Management Research
Evy Connie Ottesen, head of Core Lab
Michelle Ellefson, head of Research and Innovation 


SCREEN 2019 Deadlines & SC Meetings: To Be Determined .

A more detailed description of SCREEN can be found in the white paper below:

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