Equity and Diabetes

​Our team aims to promote equity in diabetes health through research that develops, evaluates and implements health-promoting initiatives. The purpose is to increase access to and benefit of healthcare services for persons at risk of / with T2D.

​The research field

The team is oriented towards well-documented systematic differences in health caused by social, economic, demographic and/or geographical factors. We address inequities in health in the field of diabetes, which can be improved and partly avoided. Some population groups, such as persons with ethnic minority background or mental illness, are more often diagnosed with T2D and experience more comorbidities and complications. Therefore, it is crucial to organise health services and diabetes care to secure equal access to and benefit of these.

Strategic focus

The team strives to contribute knowledge, models and concrete tools that can promote health among adults at high risk, with pre-diabetes, T2D or multi-morbidity. 
  • We develop interventions that focus on both the individual and organisational level - for example we aim to promote cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary collaboration between different health stakeholders. 

  • We use research methods that actively utilise resources in local communities, such as local associations and health stakeholders as well as citizens. 

  • We wish to contribute to the organisation of diabetes health services and care, so that they are more successful at meeting the needs of our target groups and are perceived as meaningful and relevant.

Research projects

  • Access to Group-based Diabetes Education among Ethnic Minorities: The Role of Social Relations
  • Livsstilsguide i praksis 2 (LIP2) / Improving the health of persons with psychological problems – cross-sectorial adaption of a collaborative health education concept for professionals (BUB)
  • CUlturally Sensitive TOols and Methods for ethnic minorities (CUSTOM): Building bridges between theory and practice in diabetes self-management education and support
  • A Time-Restricted Eating Intervention to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes - Motivation, Strategies and Integration into Daily Life (RESET)
  • Healthy Together Bornholm (SDMB)
  • Project collaboration with SDCS and municipalities in Region Zealand (’Diabetes education for ethnic minorities’, ’Diabetes among ethnic minorities in Kalundborg’ and ’The intercultural conversation’)

Presentation of staff

Nana Folmann Hempler
Annemarie Varming
Sine Grønborg Knudsen
Anne Katrine Enevold Krogh
Anne Mette Juul Andersen
Natasja Bjerre Martinsen
Sofia Valeur Baumgarten
Kristine Stoltenberg Addington 
Caroline Leth Bjerg
Charlotte Fagt
Sabina Wagner
Nanna Veje Olsen
Thit Hjortskov Jensen
Sara Rudbæk Larsen 

Responsible editor