EMMA-Dialogue tool for diabetes consultations

​The dialogue tools EMMA (Empowerment, Motivation and Adherence) are developed to assist healthcare professionals and inspire them to support the development of care for patients with diabetes, and their ability to take action themselves.

The dialogue tools are relevant for nurses, nutritionist, physicians, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and other healthcare professionals teaching people with diabetes.

EMMA’s oral and written dialogue tools focuses on optimising and implementing medical treatment in individual patients so as to achieve medical adherence and improved blood sugar control. EMMA provides inspiration and specific exercises to:

  • Identify, explain and correct misunderstandings about medication
  • Identify challenges and obstacles that patients come across in their medical treatment
  • Individualise consultations by way of patient participation and dialogue
  • Improve patients’ ability to cope and create empowerment

The concept contains 24 tools:

1. Reflection tools
These tools are suitable for an introduction dialogue on the challenges experienced by patients relating to their disease and its treatment.

2. Goal-setting tools
These tools are suitable for helping patients during, and at the end of, a consultation process in planning and adhering to goals for change.

3. Knowledge and learning tools
These tools are relevant for individualizing knowledge and learning to each patient.

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