Currently sulphonylureas are the drug of choice when treating patients with HNF1A-diabetes (also known as MODY3). However, no study have investigated combination treatment. This study will provide insight into if combination of incretin based treatment and sulphonylurea may be a good treatment option in patients with HNF1A-diabetes. This study is a glucose-clamp study, where patients will receive combinations of GLP-1, GIP and glimepiride. The effects on insulin and glucagon will be investigated.

​This projects investigates If there is an additive or supra-additive effect of combining GIP, GLP-1 and sulphonylurea on insulin and glucagon secretion in patients with HNF1A-diabetes.


To provide knowledge that will hopefully improve care of patients with HNF1A-diabetes.


Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research, The Faculty of Health, University of Copenhagen

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