PULSE: Innovative health promotion exhibition engaging families

The PULSE project was a research-based, action-oriented exhibition-development project that took place at a science centre in Copenhagen called Experimentarium.

Science museum concept:

Children and adolescents need to be aware of the importance of their weight, diet habits and physical activity to be able to make informed choices and avoid becoming the type 2 diabetes patients of tomorrow.

Families with children aged 6-12 from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds participated in developing new types of innovative exhibition concepts with the aim of leading to improved health in the families and their local communities. In order to involve socio-economically less advantaged families, the PULSE project initiated activities in different areas of the capital region, which were linked to the exhibition at Experimentarium.


The project objectives were:

  • To develop a user-driven, innovative, exhibition concept that includes activities in the homes and in the community, and which encourages families to take action on lifestyle changes and to improve their health and well-being
  • To generate research-based evidence and methodologies on a participatory approach to developing health exhibitions and activities in science museums and local communities and knowledge about their impact on family health

Funding and collaborators

Funding: The Novo Nordisk Foundation supported the PULSE project by awarding a grant of DKK 33 million over five years. In addition to this, all partners contributed with own resources.

Collaborators included:

  • The Experimentarium, project manager in collaboration with the Steno Health Promotion Research. The exhibition opened in 2015.
  • University of Copenhagen (Department of Science Education (DES)
  • University of Southern Denmark (National Institute of Public Health (SIF)
  • Department of Psychology and Educational Studies, Roskilde University
  • City of Copenhagen (various departments)
  • Municipality of Gentofte

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