Ane Høstgaard Bonde

Researcher, project manager, MD, MPH.
Diabetes Prevention Research, Health Promotion

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Research area

Health promotion in children and youth

My focus is on methods, approaches and tools for health education and promotion for developing health literacy and food literacy, and for promotion of physical activity and healthy eating habits. The goal is to prevent overweight and sedentarism  as early prevention of diabetes. The context is the school or local community, addressed by a holistic, environmental and participatory approach to intervention development and evaluation. Children as well as professionals are actively involved.
The health education material IMOVE has been developed, tested and disseminated to research and practice, while the materials IEAT and We Act Vision Workshop are currently to be adjusted following a feasibilty test with teachers and pupils at 4 schools.

Design and methods for evaluation of health promoting in complex interventions

Currently, my research is focusing on process- and implementation evaluation of a multi-component health promoting school intervention where I am testing a new analytical framework and analysing large amounts of data collected by different methods and from different informants.

 Measuring health literacy and food literacy

The focus is on developing tools for measuring health literacy and food literacy in children and youth, as such tools are not available in Danish. Initially, the challenge is to develop a tool for cross-sectional measurement and next to be able to measure the effects of interventions. As a subset of food literacy, I contribute to an investigation of how a tool for measuring food numeracy in diabetes patients can be adapted to Danish conditions.

Current research

The We Act – Together for Health Project. A multicomponent curriculum-integrated health promoting school intervention focusing on physical activity, healthy diet, wellbeing and social capital. Read more about the project

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