Anne Mette Juul Andersen

PhD student, cand.scient.san.publ
Diabetes Management Research, Health Promotion


Phone: +45 28 97 12 66

Research area

Social relations and access to health care services among ethnic minorities:
I examine which factors and mechanisms that affect ethnic minorities’ access to and use of health care services to ensure equal access to health.

I use quantitative as well as qualitative research methods.

Current research

Research project:Access to Group-based Diabetes Education among Ethnic Minorities: The Role of Social Relations

Aim: In my PhD study, I examine how social relations and social support affect non-Western ethnic minorities with type 2 diabetes' participation and retention in as well as benefits from diabetes education. In addition, I am interested in how non-Western ethnic minorities’ relatives experience a family member's participation in diabetes education, their knowledge of diabetes and/or how they are involved in the daily management of diabetes.

The research study seeks to contribute with increased knowledge about the barriers and facilitators ethnic minorities and their families experience in terms of access to diabetes education.

Collaborators: Center for Diabetes, Copenhagen Municipality.
University of Copenhagen.

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