Anne Sidenius

​Postdoc, PhD, anthropologist
Diabetes Prevention Research
Team:Children & Youth


Mobile: +45 21 82 51 82

Research area

  • Cross-sectoral partnerships:

    Development and testing of tools and methods to strengthen and facilitate interdisciplinary and intersectoral partnerships, including private sector involvement, mobilization of relevant local actors and resources, and development of a tool to support and help build partnerships across various stakeholders.
  • Systems Thinking:

    Theoretical and practical insight into holistic analyzes using system mapping. Developing a focus on the system's interrelated structures, patterns and domains rather than solely addressing individual and specific events as if they were isolated from the rest of the system. Particularly suitable for working with complex interventions.
  • Formative evaluation:

    Evaluation designs and tools for use in formative evaluations in order to support continuous learning and stimulate and strengthen the development and progress of an ongoing project. Formative evaluations are based on Action Research and provide answers to current status of the project, where it is going, and how it should move forward and handle any challenges that have arisen.

  • Co-creation and user involvement:

    Many years of experience with involvement of citizens, patients, users, professionals and other stakeholders, for example through workshops, participant observations, ethnographic interviews, fieldwork and Design Thinking.
  • Organizational health promotion capacity:

    Research that examines the development of health promotion and implementation capacity in municipalities and educational institutions by building local partnerships between a large number of key actors.

Current research

“Fælles om Ungelivet” (Together for a better youth life)

Aim: An innovative and co-creative project inspired by initiatives from Iceland with a focus on promoting protective factors, making alcohol and drugs have a less central role in Danish adolescents’ communities and activities. Responsible for the development and implementation of a formative evaluation in the project's 4-year pilot phase, which will contribute to the development of several models for how the municipality can help create the framework for a good youth life.

Collaborators: The Danish Health Authority, Trygfonden, Gentofte Municipality, Aalborg Municipality, Sorø Municipality, Silkeborg Municipality, Odder Municipality

Data-Sund-EUD (Data-Health-VET)

Aim: The purpose of this project is to develop and test an evidence-based, data-driven and sustainable model for co-creation, health promotion and prevention in vocational education settings. This is done by testing the Data-Health-VET intervention on nine VET-schools distributed over the four VET main areas. 

Collaborators: Steno Diabetes Center Sjælland and 9 pilot-municipalities, including local vocational schools

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