Anne Timm

PhD-Student, MSc.
Diabetes Prevention Research
Team: Families and Life-course


Phone +45 30 24 86 12

Research area

  • Health behavior in the transition to parenthood: interviews and focus groups with families in high risk of diabetes to improve quality of life and prevent diabetes onset

  • Realist synthesis: thorough analyses of behavioral interventions to understand what works for whom under what circumstances?

  • Cross-sectoral cooperation: unite municipalities, regions and Steno Centers to create coherent treatment pathways e.g. in gestational diabetes.

Current research

Process evaluation of the Face-it intervention

Face-it - A health promotion intervention for women with prior gestational diabetes and their families
Health care in  Aarhus, Copenhagen and Odense, Odense University Hospital,  Aarhus University Hospital, Copenhagen University Hospital,  Liva Healthcare et al. 

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