Didde Høeg

PhD Fellow, MSc
Diabetes Management Research


E-mail: didde.hoeeg@regionh.dk
Phone:+45 30 91 32 42

Research area

  • Sociology of health: Research and development in the area of health challenges in relation to obesity and chronic disease linked to social life and society.

  • Sociology of family life and childhood: Research and development in the area of childhood and family dynamics in life with chronic disease or obesity.

  • Design-based research: Co-creation of dialogue tools and interventions together with target groups.

Current research

PhD project: The Guldborgsund Project

Aim: In the Guldborgsund municipality there are too many overweight or obese children. The aim of the project is to identify challenges and potentials in families with pre-school children and challenges with overweight or obesity– and then to develop and test a contextually appropriate intervention aimed at the whole family.

Collaborator: Guldborgsund Municipality

Responsible editor