Dorte Vistisen

​Acting research leader, senior researcher,
Clinical Epidemiology Research
Team: Prediction and Prognosis

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Phone: +45 30 91 34 83

Research area

  • Prediction models

    Development of statistical models for the detection of individuals at high risk of having or developing diabetes or diabetes complications.
  • Progression patterns

    Development of statistical models for identifying biological and behavioural development patterns over time with the purpose of uncovering un-observed heterogeneity among individuals developing diabetes and diabetes complications.

Current research

Whitehall II

Aim: Progression patterns of risk factors for diabetes and diabetes related complications

Kristine Færch, Christian S. Hansen, Gregers S. Andersen, SDCC 
Adam Hulman, SDCA
Daniel R. Witte, Aarhus University, Denmark
Christian Herder, Düsseldorf University, Germany
Eric J. Brunner, Mika Kivimäki, UCL, UK

Predicting end-stage kidney disease

Aim: Developing a prediction model for estimating risk of developing end-stage kidney disease in persons with type 1 diabetes

Marit E. Jørgensen, Gregers S. Andersen, Peter Rossing, Frederik Persson, SDCC 
Adam Hulman, SDCA
Reimar W. Thomsen, Aarhus University
Helen M. Colhoun, University of Edinburgh


Aim: Life course analyses of the heterogeneity in glycaemic control and the development of diabetes related complications in persons with type 1 diabetes

Gregers S. Andersen, Pernille F. Rønn, Else H. Ibfelt, Rasmus W. Christensen, SDCC
Adam Hulman, SDCA
Jannet Svensson, Herlev Hospital
Dana Dabelea, Colorado University, USA

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