Gregers Stig Andersen

​Senior researcher, team leader,
Clinical Epidemiology


Phone: +45 30912843

Research area

1. Diabetes in vulnerable populations: The epidemiology of diabetes among migrants, children and adults from low and middle income countries and other populations with a special vulnerability.

2. Diabetes and obesity in a lifecourse perspective: Application of methods to model and understand risk of type 1 and type 2 diabetes and its complications longitudinally while taking into account factors in utero, childhood, adolescence and adult life. 

Current research

1. Migration and Diabetes 
 Aim: To estimate the prevalence, incidence and risk of complications among migrants in Denmark
Collaborators: Marit Eika Jørgensen, Bendix Carstensen
2.  iABC (The Ethiopian infant Anthropometry and Body Composition Cohort)
Aim: To investigate how infant and childhood growth and development is associated with cardiometabolic risk, obesity and body composition through the life course
Collaborators: Henrik Friis, Rasmus Wibæk Christensen, Jonathan CK Wells, Tsinuel Girma, Kim Fleischer Michaelsen, Alemseged Abdissa, Mubarek Abera, Bitiya Admassu, Pernille Kæstel

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