Gregers Stig Andersen

​Senior researcher, team leader, PhD, MSc
Clinical Epidemiology, team Vulnerable Group and Lifecourses


Phone: +45 30 91 28 43

Research area

1. The burden of Diabetes among vulnerable groups in Denmark and Globally. Studies with focus on Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease among migrants and people with mental illness in Denmark. Studies with focus on children and adults in low- and middle-income countries.

 2. Diabetes and obesity in a lifecourse perspective: Longitudinal modeling of the diabetes risk and risk of diabetes complications while taking into account risk factors accumulated through the lifecourse.

Current research

Migration and Diabetes
Objective: To estimate the prevalence, incidence and risk of diabetes complications among migrants in Denmark

  • Health Promotion, SDCC
  •  Section for General Medical Practice, Department of Public Health, Aarhus University

The Ethiopian infant Anthropometry and Body Composition Cohort)
Objective: To investigate how early growth, delveopment and life conditions associate with later delevopment of Obesity, Diabetes, CVD in a Nutrition Transition environment.

  • imma University Specialized Hospital
  • Institute of Nutrition, Exercise and Health, University of Copenhagen
  • Institute of Child Health, UCL, UK

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