Isabelle Isa Kristin Steineck

PhD student, Clinical research fellow, MD
Diabetes Technology


Phone +45 51 51 90 85

Research area

1.Technologies to treat type 1 diabetes
Optimizing efficacy in using insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring and bolus calculators in persons with type 1 diabetes.

2. Developing guidelines for everyday use of technology in diabetes treatment
How should persons with diabetes bolus insulin and handle glucose values when exercising in new ways?

Current research

1. Open-loop-studies with glucagon
Aim: To get data on glucose excursions in different situations to be used in decision support for glucagon dosage in an open-loop dual-hormone system.
Collaborators: DTU Compute and Zealand Pharma.

2. Exercise for people with type 1 diabetes
Aim: To evaluate the impact of the same total amount of exercise per week (a combination of anaerobic and aerobic training) given either as daily events or split into two sessions per week on hypoglycemia measured with a continuous glucose monitor.

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