Joana Mendes Lopes de Melo

​Postdoc, PhD, Cand. Scient
Immunodiabetology, Type 1 Diabetes Biology


Phone +45 52 81 96 95

Research area

In many diseases, changes at the cellular and molecular levels occur before any symptoms of disease. Several recent studies suggest that various metabolic signatures are associated with the development in type 1 diabetes.

My research aims to characterize cellular bioenergetic changes and understand how it affects the development and course of diabetes but also other systemic metabolic diseases. Using the Seahorse extracellular flux technology, it is possible to study in real-time metabolic changes at the cellular level.

Current research

1. Title: Blood cell bioenergetics in participants of the RESET study
Description: To investigate the metabolic status at the cellular level before and after a 13-week time-restricted eating intervention in individuals with a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. (project link) Collaboration with K. Færch, J. Salling Quist.

2. Title: Contribution of cellular bioenergetic changes to the development of metabolic diseases.
Description: Cellular catabolism is affected in different metabolic disorders, including diabetes. Using several different cell models, I investigate changes in the cellular intake of different metabolites and their break down into usable energetic molecules by glycolysis and mitochondrial respiration cellular processes.

3. Title: Validation and functional studies of candidate lipid biomarkers on beta cell and islets function.
Description: Candidate lipid biomarkers were identified through Lipidomics in a cohort of adolescents newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. This study will address if the identified lipids have a direct negative effect on beta cell and islet function. Such studies will provide insight into the molecular mechanisms of T1D-associated lipid species and identify possible targets for intervention.

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