Kim Katrine Bjerring Clemmensen

​PhD student, MD
Prediction and prognosis, Clinical epidemiology

Research area

1. Pre-diabetes and overweight
With focus on prevention of type 2 diabetes among individuals at high risk of developing the disease.

2. Circadian rhythm and incretin hormones
In my work I focus on the role of the circadian rhythm, especially the length of overnight fasting, on the incretin hormone response to glucose.

Current research

1. Gut incretin hormone release and fasting duration
Utilizing data from the ADDITION-PRO study to examine associations of fasting duration, weekday and season with glucose-stimulated incretin response (GLP-1 and GIP) in individuals at low to high risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

2. Gut incretin hormone release and circadian eating patterns
In the ongoing PRE-D trial I am investigating the stability of circadian eating rhythms and how these are associated with incretin hormone response.

3. Time restricted eating and gut incretin hormone release
Aim: To investigate there is an effect of time restricted feeding on gut hormone incretin release in the RESET trial.

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