Lone Banke Rasmussen

Project coordinator, MSc, PhD
Diabetes Management Research

Research area

Ethnic minorities of non-Western origin with type 2 diabetes.

My research concerns how can ethnic minorities of non-Western origin can improve their diabetes self-management.

Current reseach

Research project (title): CUlturally Sensitive TOols and Methods for ethnic minorities (CUSTOM): Building bridges between theory and practice in diabetes self-management education and support

Aim: The aim of the intervention is, through the delivery of culturally sensitive DSMES, to support ethnic minorities with type 2 diabetes in making health-promoting decisions about their care and gaining insight into their goals, values and motivation to improve their daily diabetes self-management.

Collaborators: Centre for Diabetes (Copenhagen municipality),
Hvidovre, Albertslund, Høje-Taastrup , Ishøj og Brøndby municipality ies

Responsible editor