Louise Norman Jespersen

​Postdoc, PhD, Cand.scient.san.publ.

Diabetes Management Research
Team: Children, adolescents and families

Research area

1.Children, adolescents and families with diabetes
I am particularly occupied by generating new knowledge to improve the life of children, adolescents and families with diabetes.

2. Questionnaire development and -validation

I focus on how to measure quality of life in a population with chronic illness and how good quality of life can be obtained and perceived differently.

Current research

1. Research project: Opt in
1. To explore how 8-15-years-old children with diabetes, their families and healthcare professionals experience diabetes consultations in Danish pediatric clinics.
2.To observe and study diabetes consultations to identify good processes within Danish clinical settings. 
3.  To investigate how identification of good processes can inform development of research based, tangible and meaningful methods/tools to facilitate optimal communication in consultations with pre-teens and their families.
In collaboration with all Steno Diabetes Centers

2. Research project: ABOUT TIME
To explore the long-term experience of living with childhood diabetes in the family. Further to study changes in health and selfcare over a period of time.

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