Marie Petri

Project coordinator
Diabetes Prevention Research
Team: Citizens and sustainable cities


Phone +45 21 17 50 91

Current research

Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes (TCD)

Aim: The overall aim of Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes is to promote healthy living and prevent type 2 diabetes among high-risk population groups living in the neighbourhood Tingbjerg in Copenhagen. 

The initiative is designed as a long-term, complex intervention that is developed and implemented in three interconnected phases from 2014-2032, focusing on partnership formation (Phase 1, 2014-19), developing and implementing action for health (Phase 2, 2019-30) and diffusion of knowledge (Phase 3, 2022-32). . 

TCD applies the Supersetting approach striving to attain synergistic effects through coordinated engagement of multiple stakeholders in multiple settings to mobilize local resources for collective community action.

Five core principles constitute the Supersetting approach:
  1. integration
  2. participation
  3. empowerment
  4. context-sensitivity
  5. knowledge. 

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