Mie Klessen Eickhoff

​MD, clinical assistant, PhD-student,
Complications Research

​E-mail: Mie.klessen.eickhoff@regionh.dk
Phone: +45 30 91 33 15

Research area

1. Research in SGLT2  inhibitors effect on the kidneys  – primarily on the proteins og peptides in the urine (proteomic pattern) but also other effects on the function of the kidneys and their handling of the urine. Furthermore the effect on the cardio-vascular system.

2. Evaluation of the microcirculation by means of the GlycoCheck© method which via a camera measures the quality of the protective layer on the inside of the blood vessels called the glycocalyx. This under the tongue

Current research

1. DapKid – Effects of dapagliflozin treatment on urinary proteomic patterns in patients with type 2 diabetes – Double blinded, randomised, placebo controlled, crossover, single center study
Aim: See research area 1.

2. MicriREx – Assessment of the sublingual MICROcirculation with the GlycoCheck© device: Reproducibility and EXamination conditions
Aim: Aim: See research area 2.

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