Mina Ali

Systems Medicine Research


E-mail: mina.ali@regionh.dk

Current research

My research interests and bioinformatics experience are in the interface between human genetics, bioinformatics, and metabolomics. For my PhD research, I conducted a series of large-scale genome-wide association studies that resulted in identification of 18 independent loci linked to the hematological malignancy Multiple Myeloma. I further assessed the functional consequences of those loci by comprehensive bioinformatics analysis of expression and methylation quantitative trait loci (eQTL/mQTL), copy number variation analyses, and gene expression analyses of RNA-seq and microarray datasets.

I am very passionate about helping others to achieve their research objectives by collaborating on large multidisciplinary “omics” projects, but I am also keen to develop and coordinate my own novel projects in this arena.

Responsible editor