Nana Folmann Hempler

Senior Researcher and Team Leader
Diabetes Management Research
Team: Equity and Diabetes, Health Promotion Research


Phone: +45 40 73 25 91

Research area

My research focuses on ethnic and social differences in the field of diabetes with an interest in the development and implementation of interventions that improve health and chronic disease management in hardly reached groups.


With a background in public health, my research interests include complex interventions, implementation research, digital public health and design-based research where solutions are developed and implemented in collaboration with end-users and other stakeholders. This is, in my opinion, where 'the real' innovations, in relation to improving access and care, occur.


I am responsible for larger interdisciplinary research projects including funding, conceptualisation, data collection, analyses, communication, coordination of collaborators, and management of a research team consisting of researchers, PhD-students, student workers and interns connected to the projects.

Selected Research Projects

Development, implementation and evaluation of a largescale digital intervention to increase access to care and coordination of care targeting people with type 2 diabetes and multimorbidity in Bornholm. Collaboration with consumers, Bornholm Hospital, GPs and the local municipality. (Project lead)

Mapping of health inequalities in a life-course perspective in ethnic minority groups in Denmark and the development of recommendations for practice. Participation in committee in relation to the Danish Public health Society. Collaboration with researchers from University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University. (Co-project lead) 


Development and testing of a concept for culturally sensitive diabetes education that supports self-management in ethnic minority groups. Collaboration with consumers and municipalities. (Project lead for research process)    


Development, testing and evaluation of methods to enhance empowerment and motivation in health care settings targeting people with mental illness and diabetes/risk of diabetes. Collaboration with Region of Southern Denmark and 22 municipalities and the national Board of Health. (Project lead of research process)  


Development and test of mobile app to support empowerment, dialogue and diabetes self-management in people with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes. Collaboration with GP, a healthcare centre, a Hospital and an IT firm. The project was funded by the Capital Region and Copenhagen Municipality. (Project lead of research process)

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