Ninna Hahn Tougaard

​PhD student, MD
Complications Research


Phone +45 29 39 97 98

Research area

  • Intestinal inflammation and complications
    The gut microbiome and intestinal inflammation in relation to development of diabetic complications and the search for protective interventions

  • Fibrosis and complications
    Novel biomarkers for prediction of development and progression of diabetic complications

Current research


Research aim: To investigate whether butyrate can reduce intestinal and systemic inflammation in persons with type 1-diabetes, albuminuria and intestinal inflammation
Collaborator: The FinnDiane Study Group, Folkhälsan Research Center, Helsinki
, Finland


Research aim: To investigate whether fibrosis markers in the serum and urine are associated with the presence of micro- and macrovascular complications and whether they can predict the development and progression of these complications

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